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About Us

Anoop Kumar – CEO/Mortgage Broker

At Fast Fund Mortgage in Yorba Linda CA, our main focus is on helping clients with all their mortgage and loan needs.

We’re proud to say that majority of our clients are pre approved for a loan within a day if not within a few hours.

May it be a residential loan, a commercial, or a SBA business loan. Whether it is for purchasing first home, an investment property, or a commercial property. Or perhaps it is a refinance, we are here to help.

As they say, One size doesn’t fit all. Likewise, our clients are different. Their needs and situations are different.

Our practice and goal at Fast Fund Mortgage and as a mortgage broker in Yorba linda CA is to talk to clients and individually create a game plan to get them the loan they need at the fastest time possible, and with the lowest interest rate possible.

With this practice, for past 12 years, we have helped successfully hundreds of clients. We take pride in saying that over 70% of our clients are either repeats, or referrals.

We are continuously adding new lenders into our belt nationwide to cater to the unique needs of our growing list of customers.

No matter what the situation the client is in, most of the times we’re able to help them.At Fast Fund Mortgage (www.fastfund2purchase.com) we offer various loan programs.

For Residential purchase or refinance loans, we offer:

FHA Loans: Require 3.5% down payment and are the easiest to qualify for. Especially if you are a first time home buyer.

Conventional Loans: Require a minimum down payment of between 3 and 5%. If you don’t have income or credit issues, this loan is the most used loan.

Jumbo Loans: If the loan amount is over the confirming limit, it’s called Jumbo. Now a days lenders have started offering up to 5% down also for jumbo loans. Mostly these loans require 20% down payment

VA Loans: If you’re an active arms duty, or a Veteran, these are perfect loans. These loans do not require any down payment. That’s correct..ZERO down!

Loans for Commercial purpose:

Conventional loans: To purchase or refinance a commercial property

Construction Loans: These are shorter term loans. Mostly these are used to construct your commercial projects. When the project completes, either they are fully paid off, or converted into traditional long term conventional loans.

SBA loans: Small business administration loans- for the purpose of purchasing a business opportunity. Usually these need 10% down and a real estate collateral to cover the loan risk

Please call us or visit Fast Fund Mortgage (www.fastfund2purchase.com) to discuss your loan needs today.

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