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Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker VS Bank?

Things banks CAN’T do. But a Mortgage Broker CAN
1. If the Bank say NO, means it’s No. You can’t qualify for the loan.
2. If Bank say YES, your interest rate will most likely be higher. Why, it’s a RETAIL operation.
3. Your bank has limited loan programs. A Mortgage Broker has Many, and works with multiple lenders. So you have more chances to qualify at better rate..

So,thanks for visiting Fast Fund Mortgage. We’re mtg. Brokers, NOT the bank. Our loan specialists are the ones who help our clients improve their  credit rankings and subsequently and shop for better interest rates.

We have an extensive lender network and so by shopping around, we can get the best deal for them. We make sure that from qualifying them for best loan program to closing their escrow, their journey is sweet and short.

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Our goal is to save you time and money. By going extra mile, we provide a highest level of care and expertise to our clients and prospects.

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Superior Service:

You deserve a superior service when you’re shopping for a loan to buy or refinance a residential or commercial real estate. And when over 70% of the business comes from repeat clients and referrals, there must be something going right. Right? So yes, you’re assured a Superior Service..Alwaayyze!

Many of Californians are deprived of the opportunity of owning a home. The state has little over 30% affordability rate as of 2019 1st qtr. You deserve a sincere effort to get qualified for the loan and get your dream home with a fast pace. And that’s a Superior Service. Isn’t it?

The biggest hurdle most of the people face is their credit score. Without a decent credit score, you’re either denied the credit or charged very heavy interest rate that can cost you to pay thousands more.

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Buying a House

Home ownership is very important for you and your family. It’s a dream that many in California can’t even think of.

A home is not only just a home but also a good investment. In addition, it’s also a great feeling of security that perhaps your next generation will also enjoy and thank you for. Did you know that an average home in California gets to almost double the amount in 6 to 8 years from the time you purchased it? Just imagine the amount of equity you could build within that time period! By landing at Fast Fund Mortgage, you have all the chances to explore your options and make it happen for you and your family. Please don’t forget to check the loan options above.

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When Banks Say NO:

Our tagline “When Banks Say NO, we say YES!” is the simplest explanation that we love to go the extra mile for our clients. As the mortgage brokers at 22246 La Palma aver, Yorba Linda, California, we have access to several best lenders nationwide who have the different loan programs. And so we’re able to match clients loan needs with lenders and get their loans approved most of the times. Even if they have been turned down by other lenders. Youtube

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